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johnAndRobSelfWe are a family-owned and operated full-service home comfort provider for every season. We have been an industry leader in home comfort services for more than 60 years in the greater Philadelphia area.

Our heating capabilities include Oilheat and propane service and delivery, state-of-the-art radiant heating, and integration of solar energy.

We also install and service gas heaters, heat pumps, central air conditioning systems, solar water heaters, attic ventilating systems, attic fans, humidifiers, air cleaners and swimming pool heaters, covers, repairs, chemicals and supplies. Plus, we offer duct cleaning services for a healthier way of life. At Self Heating & Cooling we deliver the highest quality products and full-service performance for your comfort.

When it comes to your family’s comfort, Self Heating & Cooling is the one to trust. A heating system upgrade, tune-up, central air conditioning system installation or even typical pool maintenance might seem simple and easy to perform – but don’t just let anyone do it. Your family’s well-being always comes first. That’s why the experts at Self HC want to reassure you that all our technicians are experts in total home comfort services. If you are considering an upgrade or in need of more information on a particular service or product, do not hesitate to contact Self Heating & Cooling today!

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