Easy Ways to Save Energy

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state to live in during the fall, but the cold temperatures make heating equipment shift into overdrive. This year, use the tips below to save energy this season and effectively cutting down on energy bills. Continue reading to learn about how you can keep more money in your bank account without compromising total home comfort.

Stretch Your Dollars this Fall

1. Clean Air Registers and Vents

Dust readily clings to air vents in your home, blocking heat from entering and warming each room. Just like you clean the lint from your dryer each time you use it, make sure your heating vents are clean and free of obstruction!

2. Book a Tune-Up

When you request a tune-up with Self Heating & Cooling, we ensure that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency and that all parts are functioning properly. Our certified technicians are trained to improve the operation of your system, giving your equipment a longer lifespan and saving you money. Click here to schedule your tune-up before the snow falls!

3. Be Thoughtful with Holiday Decor

There is plenty of fall decor that doesn’t use electricity! Take advantage of pumpkins, hay bales, and scarecrows rather than orange lights or fog machines. While electric decor does have a nice effect, running it 24/7 will add up quickly on your utility bill. If you do choose to use lights, opt for LED.

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