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Heating Oil Delivery Horsham | Ambler | Home Heating OilDid you know that more than 13 million families and businesses in North America use Oilheat? Its benefits are simple: oil burns hotter than gas, making it more comfortable, it’s 16% more efficient than gas, and it burns cleanly so it’s safe for the environment.

It’s also much safer – it doesn’t explode! In every area of home heating, Oilheat is the clear energy resource winner!


Easy Comfort with Automatic Delivery
Parties, recitals, holiday shopping… there are so many things to remember when winter arrives. But with our worry-free Automatic Delivery Service, calling for fuel oil deliveries doesn’t have to be one of them. Automatic delivery combines your past annual fuel records with state-of-the-art weather tracking technology. This allows us to determine when you’re in need of a fuel oil delivery. Best of all, Automatic Delivery is free of charge! If you aren’t currently on Automatic Delivery, give us a call and we’ll sign you up. Automatic Delivery is convenient comfort without the supply worries!

Our Delivery & Service Fleet

Just one look at our fleet of service trucks and vans is testimony to our quality. Our delivery meters are calibrated by the Dept. of Weights and Measures, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. Our professionalism shines through in every area, including our ready-for-anything service fleet. And here’s something that really makes Self Heating & Cooling special – we deliver gas and diesel fuel too!

Why Oil is Better – Storage-wise

Heating Oil Tanks – The Facts

  • Most tanks are designed with corrosion-resistant materials. This allows for long life and exceptional safety.
  • Research shows that fewer than 1% of heating oil tanks ever experience a release.*
  • Tank protection is available and offers coverage in the rare instance that a tank does experience leakage.
  • Heating oil moves slowly in most soils, so any discharge is usually confined to a small area.
  • Many new heating oil tanks are installed below ground using new, innovative technologies.

* According to a recent study by the Environ Corporation

The Benefits of Fuel Storage
Like many homeowners, you may have bottled water or canned goods stored in your home. Doesn’t it feel good knowing these items are readily available? It’s very much the same with a heating oil tank. Your fuel supply is always on hand, stored on your own property. Secondly, you have full control of your supply.

Heating Assistance/LIHEAP

The Pennsylvania Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low income people pay their heating bills through home heating energy assistance grants and crisis grants. You need not have an unpaid bill to receive home heating energy assistance. You can receive this money without being in the Cash Assistance program – a family of four with an annual income of up to $33,075 can qualify for assistance. No lien is placed on your property if you receive this help.

For more information on this program, visit the official LIHEAP Web site.

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