Heating Equipment

EnergyKnetics | Horsham Heating Services | Heating Equipment AmblerAt Self Heating & Cooling, our home heating systems are designed for maximum comfort at the lowest possible prices.
The renowned Energy Kinetics System 2000, for example, is an oil-fired boiler complete with a fully insulated hot water storage tank and a solid state control panel called the System Manager. The System 2000 offers unlimited hot water as well as fast, efficient, superior heating comfort.


The Infinity™ 96 Gas Furnace can save you up to 40%* on your operating costs; the most energy-efficient furnace you can buy. It’s a choice you’ll be very comfortable with!
Gas absorption chiller with heat recovery


Robur | Horsham Heating Services | Heating Equipment AmblerRuns on natural gas or propane!
If you’re looking for a unit to cool medium-to-large areas, we’ve got a great new product for you – the Robur ACF HR Series of water chillers are equipped with an air-cooled condenser and designed for outdoor installation. The absorption cooling cycle is based upon a solution of water and ammonia for the production of chilled water down to 37.4°F. The chilling system is fed by heat energy provided by a gas burner, therefore the required electric energy is limited to driving the fan and pump motors (the only mechanical moving components of the unit). Best of all, it produces free hot water, up to 176°F, while it cools.

Special features of the Robur ACF HR Series:

  • Efficiency up to 170%
  • Extremely low electricity consumption: saving up to 88% of electricity compared with a traditional electrical system
  • Almost total reduction in electrical power
  • Free domestic hot water production in cooling mode operation
  • Complete system flexibility and modularity, ensuring continuity of service and providing the cooling output according to seasonal demands


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