Propane Fireplaces

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We Specialize in Propane Fireplaces and Gas Logs

There’s nothing like the gathering around a cozy, glowing fireplace with family and friends. With a gas fireplace from Self Heating & Cooling, you get the cleanest, most economical, most convenient alternative to burning real wood. Our customers rave about their gas fireplaces for many reasons:

  • Instant warmth with the flick of a wall switch or touch of a remote control
  • No logs to haul
  • No damper to open and close
  • No ashes to clean
  • Environmentally friendlier and safer than a traditional wood fireplace

Plus, we specialize in Real-Frye premium gas logs – the most realistic gas logs you’ll find! “I can’t believe they’re not real wood logs!” is what you’ll say when you see our Real-Fyre Premium Gas Logs. Click here to learn more.

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