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Aqua Products has the most diverse line of automatic pool cleaners on the market. Literally, A Cleaner For Every Pool and Pocketbook. Eighteen years of design, testing and intense research and development have resulted in Aqua Products lofty position as the leading robotic pool manufacturer in the world. No other company even comes close to offering the choices Aqua Products does. The great majority of pool owners will purchase an Aquabot Mark V or an Aquabot Turbo. However, those with special needs and/or desires do not have to simply accept one or two models, but can choose from an exciting line-up. Compare and decide which Aquabot is right for your pool and pocketbook.

Pool Safety Covers

Merlin Professional Pool Safety Cover | Pool Services HorshamSafety is the first concern of every pool owner. By installing a Merlin Professional Safety Cover, you can be assured that after the fun, your family and your pool are protected.

Merlin covers are designed to prevent children, pets, or debris from entering your pool – and only the proper installation will ensure your cover is secure.

Merlin installers attend regularly scheduled training seminars and updates on materials and standards. That means Merlin covers are installed properly every time – no matter what shape or size your pool.

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