Reasons to Upgrade Your HVAC Equipment

Reasons to Upgrade Your HVAC Equipment This Season

Living in Montgomery County, PA, you know how important it is to be ready for all types of weather. One simple way to protect your home, your family, and your ... read more

R-22 A/C Refrigerant Ban

What You Need to Know about R-22 A/C Refrigerant

Are you getting your Pennsylvania home ready for summer? Before you switch on your air conditioner, double check its age! Equipment that is 10 years or older likely uses R-22 ... read more

self heating outdoor generator

Benefits of Automatic Standby Generators in PA

Thinking of having an automatic standby generator installed in your Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home this year? You’ve come to the right place! Self Heating & Cooling has high-quality generators, expert ... read more

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Breathe Easier This Winter: Duct Cleaning 101

We know that keeping your home clean is a part of your ever-growing to-do list. But did you know there are parts of your home that you can’t cover with ... read more

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How Often Should You Check Your Oil or Propane Level?

A: Probably more often than you think!

Many people in the Greater Philadelphia area don’t check their heating oil or propane tank levels frequently enough. This is a grave mistake, as ... read more