Steps you can take to prepare for colder weather

Getting yourself ready for colder weather is a snap with this checklist.

Save frustration by breaking it into simple jobs you can tackle over a few weekends. Divide the jobs among the family – assign each person a room to inspect and report back on whether it’s ready for colder weather.

  • Prep the plumbing
    • Drain the water from outdoor faucets and garden hoses, and store them inside
    • Inspect pipes to avoid an unfortunate burst. Consider heat tape to keep prone pipes warm during extremely cold weather.
  • Heat Things Up
    • Ensure your fireplace is ready for cozy evenings by a crackling fire
    • Inspect the chimney and have it cleaned by a professional before the first frost
    • Have a professional perform routine maintenance on your heating systems, including vacuuming vents and heating components, and changing your furnace filter
    • For energy savings, install a programmable thermostat that keeps your home cooler when you are asleep or away from home
  • Seal the Leaks
    • Stop drafts by installing storm doors and windows
    • Replace weather-stripping to doors, windows, pipes or ducts
    • Caulk gaps in doors, windows, pipes or ducts
    • Replace worn doorstops


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